About Eastravel

Each of our experienced travel consultants has lived, worked, or travelled extensively throughout our Asia portfolio. Working closely with local agents and guides, we strive to deepen your experience beyond the landmark sites and attractions. Interact with elephants in Thailand; throw a pot on the village wheel in Myanmar; help a Malay fisherman catch and prepare the family’s evening meal… Our guides were born and raised in the regions where they work, so have exceptional knowledge and experience as well as strong links to the local communities.


The team
Dorothy Heng

Dorothy Heng

Originally from Singapore, Dorothy joined Eastravel in 1990 following a successful career in hotel management with the Oberoi and Furama hotel groups. From a very young age, she was always fascinated by the world beyond the small island she grew up in and in the age with no internet, corresponded with many pen pals in England, India and Cambodia.

Always passionate about travel, from hitch hiking through Malaysia to waitressing in Japan, and through her friendship with many locals, she has been able to get beneath the surface of these places, rather than just run of the mill trips. India is one country that she goes back to time and time again.  Lazing on a house boat in Kashmir or Kerala, Horse riding at Gulmarg, seeing the Asiatic Lion at Gir are just some of the travel experiences that she has experienced and recommends.

When she is not working or travelling Dorothy takes joy in cooking. Thai and Indian are her favourites and she will be happy to share her recipes.  

Mike Tunstill

Mike Tunstill

Mike joined Eastravel in 2006 from a background in the motor trade with BMW and MINI. Equally passionate about travel and cars, he has driven in places as diverse as India and Easter Island, from the Great Ocean Road in southern Australia to America’s Route 66. Influenced by a childhood spent poring over his father’s atlas of the world, the diary he kept of his part in the Burma Campaign of WW2, Mike’s other great passion is travel writing. Outside the office, Mike has his first novel in the final edit. He is also learning Mandarin. We asked Mike the sort of questions we might ask you.  

Q. What is the most spectacular property you have stayed in?
A. The Dhara Dhevi resort in Chiang Mai. Stunning in every way.

Q. What is the most adventurous thing you have done?
A. Travelling from Moscow to Vladivostok on the Trans-Siberian Railway, and on to Japan by Russian party boat cum freighter. A thousand memories, mostly good.

Q. Where would you recommend for a romantic getaway?
A. The Whitsunday Islands, on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Or closer to home the mediaeval walled city of Dubrovnik, in Croatia.

Q. Where do you find yourself returning in your heart.
A. India. Sights, sounds, smells, the people, more English than the English. The glorious madness of the place.

Q. And finally, one place everyone should see before they die.
A. The pink city of Petra, in Jordan. Petra lay forgotten by the outside world for centuries. Nothing prepares you for it. 

Angela Yeung

Angela Yeung

Angela joined the Eastravel team in 2001, from a background in group travel. She has never looked back.

The daughter of a Hong Kong policeman, quick thinking, no nonsense, and possessed of a terrific work ethic, Angela brings to her role at Eastravel every virtue of the bustling former British colony. Harnessing her own passion for travel to a talent for organisation, when she isn’t playing piano nothing pleases Angela more than to see the travel dreams of others come true.

Angela is well travelled throughout Asia, in particular Thailand, Korea, India, Malaysia and Indonesia. Her most memorable travel experience remains travelling on horseback up the caldera of Mt Bromo, to witness one of nature's most spectacular sunrises.

Cathy Hearne

Cathy Hearne

Born and brought up in the UK, Cathy spent 15 years from the age of 10 in Canada. Studying in Montreal, fluent in English and French, Cathy joined the Eastravel team on settling back in the UK in 1999.

The longest serving member of staff, professional yet easy going, Cathy is very much part of the Eastravel family. Other than her passion for travel she has a wide range of interests. Involved in local theatre, in her free time she is also a DJ, producing and releasing her own tracks. Cathy likes to keep fit. When the weather is fine, she can be seen cycling or rollerblading to the office.

Cathy loves nature, in particular animals (she has two cats), and a genuine interest in environmental issues. This is reflected in the type of responsible travel she feels most passionate about. So it is that while Cathy enjoys activity based itineraries, snorkelling, skiing, snowboarding, she is happiest exploring UNESCO Heritage sites, and immersing herself in travel experiences that benefit the local communities. The experience she treasures most is spending time with the Orangutan in their natural environment, the rain forest of Borneo. 

Cathy has travelled extensively through Thailand (double digits), India, Malaysia, Singapore, Borneo, Cambodia, Japan and Taiwan.  Her most recent trip was to Burma, beautiful, unspoilt, fantastic food and smiley happy people, a place she find herself returning to in her heart.

Whether it is your dream to marvel at the sun rising over Taj Mahal, or experience the drama of Tokyo’s tuna auction, speak to Cathy today to plan your dream journey of a lifetime.