Postcards from Abroad

Whether your dream is to stay in a colonial-era bungalow in the middle of a tea plantation, an Indian princely palace, or to cruise in luxury the Irrawaddy to Mandalay, we never tire of searching for your next great travel destination. This is the place to share with us your most recent adventures.

Sapporo Ice Festival and Cape Soya adventure by Mark Horsfield

Sapporo ice festival 4We arrived all ok and pretty much on time. Your Japanese agent had left all the papers etc at reception of the hotel here in Sapporo and they gave them to us when we checked-in last night.

Quite chilly as expected but inside they set the temperature like Thailand!






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Sri Lanka - Positive and affectionate reflections by James and Cate Fraser

Sri Lanka - Positive and affectionate reflections by James and Cate Fraser

As nearly a year has passed, we have had time to reflect on our trip which was so cruelly cut short by COVID. All looked good when we flew from Stansted with Emirates

Our first stop was at The Mudhouse, an eco-lodge forest lodge, seemingly miles from anywhere. No electricity so candle and lanterns at night. Bikes to get around the extensive site. Excellent trip out to Paramakanda Temple.
Great experience, once you got used to the heat!

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Sri Lanka - The Notable North by James and Cate Fraser

Thanthirmale Buddhist TempleOn our journey to Mannar Island we stopped off at Thanthirmale Buddhist Temple where we admired the large stupa and a huge ancient carving of a sleeping Buddha in the rock face. Whilst beneath the Bodhi Tree we encountered a loud strange and repetitive sound. It emanated from a very small but beautiful Barbel. We were captivated.




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Ayubowan! (Greetings) by James and Cate Fraser

Mudhouse Our eco Mud House visit triggered our Sri Lankan travels. Set in the forest, it was   quite   difficult to find as there are no signposts once off the main road and this added to the   anticipation. We were not disappointed!

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Bangkok and Vietnam adventure by Pete and Mo Hill

Mekong deltaBangkok

We were on our way back home from a family wedding in Australia and had planned a further break in Bangkok and Vietnam on the principle that if we’d already come half way round the world, it would be silly not to see more whilst we were there. We didn’t get off to a particularly auspicious start in Bangkok airport; we’d had to run through the place on a short transfer on the way out and now we had to deal with a chaotic and badly-signed arrivals hall. Eventually we were able to get a taxi into town and our hotel on the west side of the Chaopraya River and once settled into our plush room and fed, prepared for a hectic sightseeing day to follow.

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Rail tour of Taiwan by Dilys and Colin Ward

The scenery across the island was spectacular –- from the coastal regions to the high mountains in the clouds -- and we have so many wonderful memories: the bustling city of Taipei and Walter who took us on the morning tour; travelling the Pingxi Railway Line and hopping on and off the train at stations to explore the mining towns and watch the launch of the sky lanterns; the peace and beauty of Sun Moon Lake; the twisting road to Alishan through the tea plantations and into the mountains through the clouds (we took a taxi from Chiayi station instead of the bus so we arrived earlier and had time to hike along a forest trail; the early morning ride on the 4.50 am Alishan Forest Train to watch the sunrise at Chu-Shan (6.23 am) and, after breakfast, we spent the rest of the day hiking along different forest trails.

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Postcard from Java by Mark Horsfield

Having a great time. Indonesia amazing. People wonderful. Hotels fantastic. Food sublime. Bintang beer a new favourite.

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Review of EVA Air flight from Tokyo to Taipei: Boeing 787 Dreamliner

EVA Air Business Class Tokyo-Taipei: Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Eastravel Ltd, at the generous invitation of EVA Air recently enjoyed the privilege of experiencing the inaugural flight of the airline's stunning new Boeing 787 Dreamliner on the Tokyo-Taipei route. These are our impressions of the fabulous Royal Laurel Class product:

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Postcard from Chile by John and Sylvia Smith

Sylvia30 Oct: Holiday has got off to a great start with flight, meet and greet and early check in all going to plan. 






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Intriguing Inle Lake and Natural Ngapali

James and Cate in Myanmar
Whilst sitting in Heho airport we felt in a bit of a daze digesting our action packed itinerary at Inle Lake. Inle is far more touristy than anywhere we have been as it is the place everyone visits; that said it has a charm of its own and we can understand its allure. 
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Bewitching Bagan and Marvellous Mandalay

James and Cate in Bagan

Bagan, an ancient city in central Myanmar where there are over 2000 temples is quite overwhelming. Some are topped with golden stupas and most contain large Buddha images. The temples are in varying states of disrepair and various earthquakes over the years have have had an effect which adds to their charm and fascination. 





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Mawlamyine and Hpa- An (which apparently means 'Frog Vomit').

Where to start?

James and Cate in Myanmar

The last few days have passed in a whirl.

We have been very busy all day, every day!








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Kyaiktiyo: 'pagoda on a hermit's head'

James and Cate at KyaiktiyoOur visit to Kyaiktiyo meaning 'pagoda on a hermit's head' is something we will never forget. This is one of the holiest places in the country which thousands of people visit every day. We were to spend a night on the mountain so we had to prepare beforehand as our suitcases could not accompany us. So we packed very light, a small rucksack each and off we went.






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Mingalaba - Hello

James and Cate in Hpa AnMingalaba - hello


We arrived in Yangon to find that our itinerary had to change because of full moon so after 15 hours of travel (4 am our time), we found there was no rest for the wicked. We were given 2 hours to freshen up and then our adventure began. Noticeable were the longyis - sarong lower body garments worn by men and women and we were also fascinated by the number of people covered in Thanaka, a bright yellow face paint which acts as a sunblock/ makeup made from ground tree bark. Faces vary from subtle streaks to spectacular styles.

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Genial Gwalior and diverse Delhi

Gwalior 4The last one we promise......................until Burma!


Sadly our Indian adventure is almost over.....Off the beaten tourist track Gwalior's majestic hill fort dominates, whilst beneath a very busy town of 2 million inhabitants go about their business. The fort's mighty battlements encompass 6 palaces, 3 temples, a few water tanks and cisterns, a prestigious public school and a Sikh place of worship.







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Kempt but kinky Khajuraho and Orsome Orchha

James and Cate Khajuraho..... We do realise it's awesome but.......

Khajuraho is home to India's most famous 9th to 12th century temples known for their erotic sculptures. These are pretty explicit and reflect society in an age free from inhibitions.






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Venerable, virtuous and vivid Varanasi

James Fraser in Sarnath Varanasi provides a complete assault on the senses.......

 Our hotel on the waterfront is a haven of peace and tranquility, for once you step outside you enter a strange and manic world.




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Hello again from sunny India.

Bhubuneshwar TemplesBhubaneswar and Puri are a breath of fresh air in comparison with crazy Kolkata, equally busy but the traffic is not quite as bad. Having said that imagine this strange but true scene.

We are making our way to the zoo to see a white tiger and are on a three lane road with each section clearly marked with white lines. Traffic hectic, all lanes full, much hooting. Driving quickly towards us the wrong way on one of the lines is a motorbike and the passenger is totally oblivious to any danger as he is engrossed on his mobile phone! Mad!



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Crazy Kolkata India 2

Mother Teresas AshramAlthough once the capital of the British Raj, the Victorian buildings stand peeling and decaying and the city is choked by traffic. The friendly and helpful natives coupled with the lush vegetation and tree lined streets give it a certain charm; a cyclone in The Bay of Bengal causing unseasonal downpours made exploration hazardous as the litter and dog mess became even more lethal when wet! We survived and the cost was a brolly bought in the local market!

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Postcard from Darjeeling

James and CateNamaste (Hello)

After an extremely long journey via Helsinki, Delhi and Bagdodra we were relieved and pleased to arrive in Darjeeling. The drive from Bagdodra airport began with a meander through villages avoiding wandering dogs, cows, goats, ducks, foraging pigs and people of all ages. Soon beautiful tea bushes dominated the landscape interspersed with trees. Whilst we watched the pickers at work the road narrowed and we began to wind our way up a single track road built by the British in the 1850's. It proved to be treacherous with steep hairpin bends, giant pot holes, landslides and general chaos and was totally inadequate but we made it!


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