Postcards from Abroad

Whether your dream is to stay in a colonial-era bungalow in the middle of a tea plantation, an Indian princely palace, or to cruise in luxury the Irrawaddy to Mandalay, we never tire of searching for your next great travel destination. This is the place to share with us your most recent adventures.

Sapporo Ice Festival and Cape Soya adventure by Mark Horsfield

Sapporo ice festival 4We arrived all ok and pretty much on time. Your Japanese agent had left all the papers etc at reception of the hotel here in Sapporo and they gave them to us when we checked-in last night.

Quite chilly as expected but inside they set the temperature like Thailand!






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Bangkok and Vietnam adventure by Pete and Mo Hill

Mekong deltaBangkok

We were on our way back home from a family wedding in Australia and had planned a further break in Bangkok and Vietnam on the principle that if we’d already come half way round the world, it would be silly not to see more whilst we were there. We didn’t get off to a particularly auspicious start in Bangkok airport; we’d had to run through the place on a short transfer on the way out and now we had to deal with a chaotic and badly-signed arrivals hall. Eventually we were able to get a taxi into town and our hotel on the west side of the Chaopraya River and once settled into our plush room and fed, prepared for a hectic sightseeing day to follow.

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Rail tour of Taiwan by Dilys and Colin Ward

The scenery across the island was spectacular –- from the coastal regions to the high mountains in the clouds -- and we have so many wonderful memories: the bustling city of Taipei and Walter who took us on the morning tour; travelling the Pingxi Railway Line and hopping on and off the train at stations to explore the mining towns and watch the launch of the sky lanterns; the peace and beauty of Sun Moon Lake; the twisting road to Alishan through the tea plantations and into the mountains through the clouds (we took a taxi from Chiayi station instead of the bus so we arrived earlier and had time to hike along a forest trail; the early morning ride on the 4.50 am Alishan Forest Train to watch the sunrise at Chu-Shan (6.23 am) and, after breakfast, we spent the rest of the day hiking along different forest trails.

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Postcard from Java by Mark Horsfield

Having a great time. Indonesia amazing. People wonderful. Hotels fantastic. Food sublime. Bintang beer a new favourite.

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Postcard from Chile by John and Sylvia Smith

Sylvia30 Oct: Holiday has got off to a great start with flight, meet and greet and early check in all going to plan. 






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A postcard from Vietnam by Paul Booty

One Pillar PagodaGood afternoon Vietnam. Yes I know, rubbish title, but hopefully you will enjoy.

 2 weeks north to south and just wow. We landed in Hanoi in the early morning. We upgraded to premium economy and that is worth every penny, space and comfort, just do it. Hotel magnificent and we had breakfast before retiring to catch up sleep. We had a “Clarkson” moment looking at some of the food (still don’t know what it is) but there was traditional food there too, Vietnamese and European. Room stunning with a loo with automatic washer/drier! That was interesting.

Out into the street be warned there are roads with white lines, they are meaningless. Scooters everywhere on any side of the road and in any direction. You cannot imagine the sheer volume of traffic. How to cross the road, easy, pick a moment and go, do not deviate in speed or direction and by some miracle they all go round you. In a group do sticky rice (all together and stick together). Looking for a bar that’s not in a hotel, good luck, they are like square eggs!


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Harbin: A winter wonderland by Gary Leay

Harbin Ice Festival 2Just back from Harbin, China...... temperatures ranging from -15 day time to -30 night time

With the correct clothing, a winter wonderland!
We went to the Harbin 31st Annual Snow & Ice Festival (the largest in the world)
Brilliant by day .... spectacular when lit up at night.


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Top Destinations to watch in 2017

Do Chula Pass Bhutan  Need inspiration for holidays in 2017?

  Immerse yourselves in a new destination.

  Live like a local.

  Rediscover some of your favourite places. 


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A Japanese Holiday Experience by Jim and Janet Buis

The Nakasendo Way 2A Japanese Holiday Experience as arranged by Eastravel in conjunction with OKU Japan November 2016.

If you wish to have a unique holiday experience in Japan we can thoroughly recommend the guided Nakasendo walking holiday arranged by OKU Japan. Listed as a walking holiday but it was much more than that. In fact until I wrote the brief summary of our itinerary I realised just how much we packed into a few days.



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In and out of Africa by Paul Booty

Image taken by Paul BootyI decided many years ago that I would love to go on Safari to shoot some wildlife, big game hunter me. So armed with my Canon for my 50th birthday I went in and out of Africa. Booking was made through Eastravel (Ipswich) and they came up with a plan that should work, using Somak Safari, and this is my story.  

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Beautiful Bhutan by Jen and Larry Risdale




     "A senior monk invited us to his cell today and made us a cup of tea.

      Apparently he was really chuffed as we were the first foreigners who had been to his cell.

      If he was chuffed there are no words for what I was! Thursdays are never going to be the same

      again - putting the bins out is just not going to cut it ...


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A journey of discovery to Australia by John and Sylvia Smith

Glen Helen, near Alice Springs, Australia Read all about John and Sylvia's self drive Journey of Discovery to Australia.

 From Sydney to the Blue Mountains, Tassie's National Parks, the Great Ocean Road, followed by a        memorable journey on The Ghan.  Explore the Red Centre and marvel at the sunsets and sunrises.

 Top it off with a visit to Western Australia and sample the delights of Albany and Margaret River. 


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