Postcards from Abroad

Whether your dream is to stay in a colonial-era bungalow in the middle of a tea plantation, an Indian princely palace, or to cruise in luxury the Irrawaddy to Mandalay, we never tire of searching for your next great travel destination. This is the place to share with us your most recent adventures.

Crazy Kolkata India 2

Mother Teresas AshramAlthough once the capital of the British Raj, the Victorian buildings stand peeling and decaying and the city is choked by traffic. The friendly and helpful natives coupled with the lush vegetation and tree lined streets give it a certain charm; a cyclone in The Bay of Bengal causing unseasonal downpours made exploration hazardous as the litter and dog mess became even more lethal when wet! We survived and the cost was a brolly bought in the local market!

Crazy Kolkata

The highlights were a Jain Temple covered with beautiful mosaics and the Victoria Memorial designed by Lord Curzon, set in large well kept grounds with ornamental pools. This dramatic white marble creation was completed in 1921. Known as 'the Taj of the Raj' it is similar to the Taj in some of its design features.

Victoria Memorial designed by Lord Curzon

James' disappointment as a cricket fan was not actually being allowed into Eden Gardens, we just drove past. We also cancelled our visit to the Planetarium as it was cloudy and we didn't think we'd see the stars!!!

A rather macabre but peaceful reminder of the imperial past was our visit to the Park Street Cemetery. It was filled with a maze of elaborate pyramids, obelisks, pavilions, urns and headstones shaded by tropical trees. Most people died very young due to disease, war and melancholy. Each inscription was beautifully written and most descriptive, a reminder of a bygone age.

Park Street Cemetery Kolkata

The flower market illustrated the Indian love of colour and the importance of weddings. Great bags and garlands of marigolds dominated the scene with impressive arrays of roses and other flowers arranged in amazing floral displays. It was mesmerising watching the men at work, they made it look so easy!

Malik Ghat Flower Market Kolkata

The meat and fish markets were gruesome and some of what we saw is indescribable and not for the faint hearted! Blood and guts everywhere, with fish and live chickens being chopped up on great knives in front of you. There's no animal welfare here.

Fish Market Kolkata

We learnt a great deal more about Mother Teresa and her work from our visit to her Ashram. The white sari stands for purity and the 3 borders represent the vows of poverty, obedience, chastity as well as service to the poor.

Mother Teresa's Ashram

Looking forward to Bhubaneswar.........heat and TEMPLES as there are over 500 we might not be able to visit them all-thankfully!



Hello again from sunny India.
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