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Review of EVA Air flight from Tokyo to Taipei: Boeing 787 Dreamliner

EVA Air Business Class Tokyo-Taipei: Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Eastravel Ltd, at the generous invitation of EVA Air recently enjoyed the privilege of experiencing the inaugural flight of the airline's stunning new Boeing 787 Dreamliner on the Tokyo-Taipei route. These are our impressions of the fabulous Royal Laurel Class product:

Dreamliner 787
First Impressions:

The subdued lighting and palette of the Royal Laurel Class cabin are relaxing to the eye, and subtly welcoming. The clean, contemporary lines and evident high quality of the materials used add to this sensation.


The cabin is configured 1-2-1, each seat provided with generous individual overhead storage. The aisles are wide, and privacy cleverly and effectively achieved by the positioning of the seats. The cabin windows of the Dreamliner are noticeably larger than the 777, adding to the feeling of space.

Royal Laurel 2

The Seat:

EVA Air’s Royal Laurel Class Dreamliner seat really is a special place to be. The design is pleasing. Both lighting and accents reflect those of the cabin overall.  Storage is good and thoughtfully packaged. Surfaces and the operation of controls alike are wonderfully sensory. The seat is supremely comfortable in every position from take-off to flatbed.

Royal Laurel seat

Royal laurel 3

 Royal laurel 4


The welcome of the Dreamliner cabin crew is warm and genuine, ranking with the best. Service and attention to detail are of the first order, as is the dining experience.

Menu 2


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