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Whether your dream is to stay in a colonial-era bungalow in the middle of a tea plantation, an Indian princely palace, or to cruise in luxury the Irrawaddy to Mandalay, we never tire of searching for your next great travel destination. This is the place to share with us your most recent adventures.

Sapporo Ice Festival and Cape Soya adventure by Mark Horsfield

Sapporo ice festival 4We arrived all ok and pretty much on time. Your Japanese agent had left all the papers etc at reception of the hotel here in Sapporo and they gave them to us when we checked-in last night.

Quite chilly as expected but inside they set the temperature like Thailand!






Just going to go see the ice sculptures down in Odori Park at night before getting some ramen and dumplings and a few Sapporo beers.

Sapporo ice festival 2

Finnair were quite excellent and looked after us brilliantly. Love the seats on their planes and we had window seats from LHR and Helsinki which I booked free-of-charge 36 hours beforehand. We flew over the North Pole from Helsinki as well.

Finnair to Tokyo via the North Pole


Just checked-in at Surfeel Hotel, Wakkanai.
Just started to snow and the sea in the port area is frozen. Never seen so much and so deep snow on the way here on the train!
View from our room. 😊
Mark Horsfield in Wakkanai
Bento Box on the train to Wakkanai
Bento box on the train to Wakkanai

We have just been out for a walk around town. Visited the local museum which was quite good despite it being 99% in Japanese of course. But the little chap upstairs seemed thrilled that two English were in the museum. I think it made his day. Enclosed a couple of photos of the snow and sea in the port that is freezing up.

Rosie Horsfield in Sapporo


Wakkanai deep snow


Wakkanai sea port frozen

There is a bitter wind today that we did not have yesterday. My weather app says the temperature is -9 but the windchill makes it feel more like -20. Glad we bought some good coats at Coes before we left, they are amazingly warm and need to be.

Wakkanai temperature

We are catching the bus to Cape Soya in an hour but looking out of our hotel window I doubt we will be able to see Sakhalin, Russia but the weather is changing so fast here you never know.

We found an excellent Nepalese Curry House last night - superb curry and a few Nepalese beers which were also great and a first. Tonight we plan to visit a steak restaurant in Wakkanai called Vin which is quite famous it seems.

Best wishes from up country Hokkaido!

Nepalese food in Wakkanai


Nepalese Restaurant in Wakkanai


We went to Cape Soya on the bus this afternoon. Bitterly cold, about -25 with windchill. My digital camera and iphone gave up the ghost in about 5 minutes, battery just died as they cannot deal with that extreme.

Cape Soya 2

Cape Soya Mark Horsfield
The weather was much better this afternoon - clearer so we could see snow-clad Sakhlin on the horizon as well.
Namaste Nepalese Curry House, Wakkanai was superb.








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