Okinawan Beach Break

Experience the unique Okinawan culture and food. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage site, Tsuri Castle and enjoy a beach break on Ishigaki island, Japan’s hidden tropical paradise. Fly from Okinawa to this western island to explore clear waters, relax on remote beaches and experience Ishigaki’s charms.

Best time to visit Okinawa: Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to November). The rainy season lasts from early May to early June, with the risk of typhoons in July and August, and occasionally into October.

Touring Style: Independent travel with a private local guide for some of the day tours.

Prices: Japan experiences dramatic pricing fluctuations based on Festivals, domestic holidays and in some instances on weekends. Please ask us for an individual quote.

Okinawan Beach Break at a glance
  • Day 1; Arrival in Okinawa
  • Day 2: Naha touring
  • Day 3: Relax in Okinawa
  • Day 4: Head to Ishigaki Island
  • Day 5: Explore Ishigaki
  • Day 6: Take a ferry to Taketomi Island
  • Day 7: Explore Taketomi Island
  • Day 8: Departure or continue your Japan adventure

Day 1; Arrival in Okinawa

Upon arrival at Naha Airport, an Eastravel representative will be waiting for you to transfer you by private car to your chosen resort for check-in.
The rest of the day is spent at leisure.

Overnight in Okinawa

Distance and journey times: Naha Airport to the Resort: 1 h

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Day 2: Naha touring

This morning meet your private English-speaking guide at the hotel and go on a guided tour of Naha city by private car. Enjoy the scenic views of Okinawa’s beautiful coastlines and clear blue waters.

Visit Shuri Castle, which was built in the late 1300s. It was the central point of the Ryukyu Islands and served as the administrative, political, economical and cultural centre of the kingdom.

Continue to Shikinaen Garden. This property was formerly the residence of the Ryukyu Kings and is famous for its relatively simple wooden palace and its exquisite Japanese garden full of the unique Okinawan flora.

Head to Tsuboya District, which has been the traditional centre of Ryukyu-style pottery for centuries. Stroll along the streets that are lined with pottery shops, selling this unique style of Japanese pottery.

Overnight in Okinawa

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Day 3: Relax in Okinawa

Enjoy this day at leisure and relax the body and soul. Enjoy the pristine waters of Okinawa or indulge in one of the many spa treatments available.

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Day 4: Head to Ishigaki Island

Transfer to the airport for a flight to Ishigaki. Part of the chain of Yaeyama Islands, Ishigaki is famous for its clear waters and large schools of manta rays, undiscovered beaches, snorkelling spots, forested interior, and charming local character. 

Overnight at your chosen resort.

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Day 5: Explore Ishigaki

Soak up the local culture on a walking tour of Ishigaki. Take a wander through the local shopping streets and try some of the local specialities, such as Yaeyama soba (the Ishigaki variety of the popular noodles dish) or Ishigaki beef, tender and on the level to compete with the famous Kobe beef.

In the afternoon, it is possible to rent a car or scooter and explore the beautiful beaches on the west of the island.

Overnight in Ishigaki

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Day 6: Take a ferry to Taketomi Island

Today, embark on a boat trip to one of the smaller Yaeyama Islands.

Taketomi Island, only 10 minutes by boat has a population of just 300 and boasts a perfectly preserved Ryukyu Village. Slightly further away, Iriomote Island is one of Japan’s last true wildernesses, with great hiking in the national park.

Stay at your chosen resort for 2 nights

Overnight in Taketomi Island

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Day 7: Explore Taketomi Island

Discover beautiful Taketomi Island. Take a relaxing walk through this little gem of an island and enjoy the stunning beaches, pristine blue waters, and explore a myriad of tropical fishes and marine wildlife.

Suggested self-guided itinerary:
Rent some bicycles for the day and explore this small island on a relaxing bike ride. Don a swimsuit and sunscreen and soak in the sun at the many pristine sandy beaches this island has to offer.

We suggest a visit to Kondoi Beach, with its white sand and crystal clear waters that is perfect for a swim. Or cycle to Nagomi Tower from where guests will have a beautiful view of the islands, distinct to the Okinawan landscape.

Overnight in Taketomi Island

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Day 8: Departure or continue your Japan adventure

Spend the day at leisure until the scheduled private transfer to Ishigaki airport.

Taketomi port to Ishigaki port: 10 min (ferry) Ishigaki port to Ishigaki airport: 10 min

 Activities that can be included in your Okinawa adventure:

Okinawan cooking class at a local home
Ryukyu or Okinawan cuisine is very different from standard Japanese cuisine. On the menu today are, amongst others, the Okinawan signature dish Goya Chanpuru, a stir-fry made from Goya, Egg, Tofu and meat, as well as the famous Rafute, braised pork rib slowly stewed in a sauce of brown sugar and soy sauce.

Visit the Awamori Distillery - Awamori is a type of distilled alcohol, made out of long grain rice, which is unique to Okinawa.

Karate Class with local master
Okinawa is the birthplace of Karate, now one of the most popular martial arts in the world. Experience a private lesson with an English-speaking local Karate master and experience this important aspect of Okinawan culture. As this is a private activity, the lesson will be tailor-made to suit personal interests and abilities.

Yomitan Pottery Village - famous for its three large kilns, where many craftsmen produce high-quality pottery. The red-roofed Yutanza Gama is a nine-step kiln, iconic of the village. 

Not quite right? This itinerary is just to give you an idea of what is possible. Need some more inspiration? Please get in touch at 01473 214305 or email  We welcome your questions. We're here to help!


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