Best time to visit the Maldives

The peak season in the Maldives is during the dry season between December and April, with little rain, low humidity, lots of sunshine and less windy. It is the perfect time to visit this island paradise, but prices are also at their peak. Temperatures in the Maldives is warm and tropical at 29-31°C year-round and temperatures rarely fall below 25°C.

The wet season from May to November tends to have a risk of rainfall and cloud, strong winds and thunderstorms but there are long periods of sunshine and the weather remains warm with blue skies.
Swimming in the sea is possible year-round.

The Maldives in January
The Maldives’ weather in January is hot, with low humidity and plenty of sunshine and a good month for divers and snorkellers as there is great visibility.

The Maldives in February and March
February and March are the Maldives’ driest months with temperatures of 30°C with blue skies and plenty of sunshine each day. Visibility for diving and snorkelling is excellent and the surfing season starts.

The Maldives in April
April is the official end of the Maldives’ dry season and there is a chance of rains towards the end of the month. This is a transitional month, with little rain, hot temperatures and visibility. It’s a good time to take advantage of attractive offers.

The Maldives in May to Sep
May is the start of the Maldives’ official wet season and there is a risk of storms and long spells of rain. Diving visibility is slightly reduced due to the plankton in the water, but there is an added attraction for divers due to the presence of manta rays and whale sharks. The surfing season runs from March to October. Whilst it is not the best time for snorkelling or diving due to visibility, the weather remains hot and humid for sunbathing and you can enjoy dolphin trips and deep-sea fishing. This is a good time to take advantage of attractive offers and lower prices.

The Maldives in October and November
October is the Maldives’ wettest month with high humidity and long spells of rain. It is the end of the Maldives’ surfing season and a great time to see whale sharks and manta rays.

The Maldives in December
The climate for the Maldives in December is largely hot and dry, with long periods of sunshine. Christmas and New Year periods are particularly popular, and most resorts include minimum stays.

General travel tips

Time Difference GMT + 5 hours

Flying time from the UK - 10¼ hours

Capital – Malé.

Visa - All nationalities receive a 30-day visa on arrival.

Alcohol - Import of alcohol by individuals is not permitted. However, alcohol is available at all resorts.

Currency- Officially the Maldivian rufiyaa, but US dollars are more widely used in resorts.

Language - Dhivehi. English is widely spoken.

Religion - Islam

Voltage & Electricity: Voltage is 220v AC. UK plugs will work or the resort will provide an adaptor.

Mobile Services - Prepaid SIM cards are available from two mobile service providers at the airport. The SIM cards can be used for local and international call and for data.

Clothing - Cotton clothes suit well with the hot tropical climate of the Maldives. Tourists are expected to respect local culture and dress modestly when visiting or staying on inhabited islands. Sandals are ideal, as you may often want to slip them off and go barefoot.

Resorts – There is a huge choice ranging from the affordable to the opulent. Robinson Crusoe style bungalows, beach villas, water villas with private butlers, there is something for everyone.

Transfers- Speedboat transfers are offered to island resorts close to the International Airport. These speedboats are usually owned by the resorts and come with a covered seating area. Departure is from the jetty across the road from the terminal.

For journeys further than 2 hours, we definitely recommend the scenic seaplane which is a transfer like no other. You will get to see the most amazing aerial views of the atolls before arriving at your resort. The seaplane departs at scheduled times and only operates during daylight hours and may be cancelled due to adverse weather. Capacity is about 15 persons and there is a luggage limit of 20kg per person.

Excursions - Each resort offers a whole range of activities that you can book on arrival. We can also arrange a walking tour of Male or scenic flights.

Food & drink - Most resorts offer a choice of buffet or a la carte speciality restaurants. Maldivian food is a mixture of Arabic, Indian, Sri Lankan and oriental flavours but all resorts have a multi-cuisine selection. For seafood lovers, the Maldives is a foodie paradise. Some resorts also offer private dining by the beach, or on a secluded island. There is also a special underwater dining experience offered by some resorts for that special occasion.

An All-Inclusive arrangement is recommended for a Maldivian holiday. Inclusions vary by resorts, but standard packages would include all meals at the Main restaurant, a couple of dinners at speciality restaurants, house wine and cocktails, water sports, and non-motorised excursions.