South Korea Highlights

South Korea offers a wide range of experiences, from unique culture and natural beauty to fantastic cuisine, from glittering 21st Century skylines to wonderfully preserved historic sites.
Pass through the awe-inspiring pagoda-style gate of Namdaemun to the capital, Seoul. Take time to wander the stunning Joseon-era Gyeonbokgung Palace. Sample authentic Korean street cuisine before leaving the city to return the stares of the North Korean guards at the Panmunjon checkpoint.
Explore temples and gardens and palace ruins, and marvel at the exquisite rock carvings in the ancient city of Gyeongju. Take in stunning and unique wildlife and scenery at the celebrated Bukhansan National Park, and the rugged coastline and slumbering volcanos of Jeju Island. 

Top places and travel experiences that can be included in your personalised itinerary:

Cherry Blossom Festival from March to May

Picturesque and grand Palaces, Changdeokgung and Changgyeoung 

The Presidential Blue House

DMZ and the 3rd Tunnel

Stay overnight in a Buddhist Temple

Jeju Island's stunning beaches and snow-capped mountains

Traditional folk villages

Andong Mask Dance Festival

Andong Mask Dance Festival

Set within a picturesque rural landscape, and dating from the Joseon era Andong is rich in culture and history, celebrated in particular for its spiritualism, and the amazing spectacle of the Andong Mask Dance Festival.

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Busan, beaches, mountains and temples

Busan is a city – Korea’s second biggest – of dazzling scenic and cultural contrasts: of mountains and temples; cafes and festivals; traditional hawker markets and 21st Century shopping experiences; colourful bustling fish markets and luxury resort hotels.

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Gyeongju, the museum without walls

Located on South Korea’s spectacular southeast coast the city was for almost 1000 years the capital of the Silla dynasty and is celebrated for its rich built heritage, and stunning sunrises over the Sea of Japan.

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Hahoe Folk Village

Andong Hahoe folk village is a rare and wonderfully preserved fragment of Joseon-period architecture, reflected in its status as a UNESCO World Heritage site. What makes it doubly significant are the folk traditions maintained by its residual clan-based population and the books, furniture and artefacts that have survived through generations to the present day.

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Jeju-do, Island of the Gods

Jeju-do lies off Korea’s southernmost tip and is an island of culture, contrast and outstanding natural beauty.

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Seoraksan National Park

Both wonderfully scenic and at the same time iconic, the park offers stunning year-round vistas and is listed by UNESCO as a Biosphere Protection site.

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Seoul: modern skyscrapers meet Buddhist temples

The modern capital is a joyous assault on the senses – of neon and karaoke and the aromas of deliciously spicy street cuisine. It is also for both resident and traveller a famously safe city, steeped in tradition and rich in history and culture. Local people are famously welcoming, and the public transport system both world-class and cheap.

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Temple stay in Korea

Temple stay provides a chance for visitors to experience life at a temple and understand Buddhist thoughts and culture through meditation and daily temple activities.

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