Taiwan Holidays

Shaped like a tobacco leaf, Taiwan is a land of contrasts. The climate is temperate in the north, tropical in the south. One of the most developed nations in Asia, Taiwan remains proud of its rich and varied aboriginal culture. Dramatic coastal scenery fringes an interior with two-thirds wooded hills and soaring marble peaks, split east to west by the magnificent towering cliffs of Taroko Gorge. Bullet trains race from Taipei in the north to the mountainous south, where a steam locomotive winds through glades of cherry blossom to the summit of Mount Chu. On Taiwan’s roof the Sun Moon Lake of legend glitters, Mount Ali gazes down upon a sea of clouds.

In Taipei, the exotic and intoxicating Snake Alley night market winds through the heart of Taiwan’s glittering 21st Century capital. Traditional cuisine is served at world-class restaurants. The National Palace Museum holds priceless treasures, brought from the mainland as China fell to the communists in 1949. Taipei 101, one of the world’s tallest and most spectacular buildings combines design features from traditional pagodas, dazzling technology to encapsulate this sense of wondrous contrast.

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