Magnificent Taiwan Tour

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Fly with EVA Air, an award-winning 5-star airline on this adventure to Taiwan. Start your holiday n style with a choice of three classes of cabin service: Royal Laurel Class (complete flatbed Business Class), award-winning Premium Economy Class and Economy class. Personal seat-back state of the art touch screen, audio/video-on-demand entertainment systems.

In this exciting round island tour of Taiwan, you will visit the shrines, temples, and pagodas, drive through the towering marble cliffs of the magnificent Taroko Gorge and experience the hospitality and courtesy of the Taiwanese people. Relax and enjoy scenic Sun Moon Lake and learn more about Buddhism at Fo Guang Shan.

Best time for this itinerary is April, May, October, and November.

Touring style: Private guide or join a small group tour.

Prices are seasonal, twin-sharing and include accommodation, breakfast, transfers and tours with a professional English speaking guide.

Starts from:

GBP 499 per person, Standard Class Hotels, group travel.

International and domestic airfares are additional

Magnificent Taiwan Tour at a glance
  • Day 1: Taipei to Sun Moon Lake
  • Day 2: Sun Moon Lake to Kaohsiung
  • Day 3: Kaohsiung to Kenting and Chihpen Hot Springs
  • Day 4: Taitung to Hualien
  • Day 5: Taroko Gorge sightseeing and return to Taipei
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Day 1: Taipei to Sun Moon Lake

Meet at your hotel lobby in Taipei City and depart by vehicle to Sun Moon Lake, located in the middle of Taiwan and situated 762 metres above sea level in the lofty mountains of Central Taiwan. Your tour will stop at the famous Wenwu Temple, also known as Literature-Warrior Temple, dedicated to Confucius as Master of Pen and to Kuan Ti as Master of Sword, Holy Monk Shrine, and Ci En Pagoda. After touring around Sun Moon Lake, check into your hotel. Enjoy a dip in the natural hot springs, biking, hiking or boating at the lake. Overnight.

Overnight in Sun Moon Lake

Distance and journey times:

Taipei to Taichung: 165 km, approx 2 hrs

Taichung to Sun Moon Lake: approx 64 km, 1 hr

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Day 2: Sun Moon Lake to Fo Guang Shan and Kaohsiung

Drive to Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Monastery, the most famous Buddhist sacred place of southern Taiwan. Here you will learn about Buddhism during the monastery walking tour to visit “Buddha Memorial Centre” and communicate with some of the monks and nuns during the visit. Drive to Kaohsiung City, the second-largest city in Taiwan. The tour will take you to Love River and Liuhe Night Market.

Overnight in Kaohsiung.

Distance and journey times:

Sun Moon Lake to Fo Guang Shan: 166 km, approx 3 hrs

Fo Guang Shan to Kaohsiung: 52 km, approx 1.20 hrs

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Day 3: Kaohsiung to Kenting and Chihpen Hot Springs

Morning departure for a tour of Kenting National Park, located at Taiwan’s southern tip and the 37 miles of coral-rimmed shoreline along three sides of the park provide its main attractions. Stops will be made at Oluanpi Lighthouse, Maopitou coastal scenic area, and Longpan Park. Drive to Taitung via Southern Link Highway for an overnight stay at Chihpen. Enjoy the natural hot springs here.

Overnight in Chihpen

Distance and journey times:

Kaohsiung to Kenting: 104 km, approx 2 hrs

Kenting to Chihpen: 119 km, approx 2.40 hrs 

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Day 4: Taitung via East Coast scenic area to Hualien

After breakfast, depart for a scenic drive along the East Coast National Scenic Area. Known as "Taiwan's last unspoilt land", it stretches 170 kilometres down the east coast of the island. Weather and erosion have produced a wide range of landforms here. Our tour will stop at Siaoyeliu, Sansientai, Shitiping (Stone Steps). Late afternoon, proceed to Hualien. for an overnight stay at Taroko National Park.

Overnight in Hualien.

Distance and journey time: 172 km, approx 3.30 to 4 hrs

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Day 5: Taroko Gorge sightseeing / return to Taipei

After breakfast, we will make a visit to Taroko National Park. Taroko Gorge is an exceptionally beautiful, narrow ravine created by the Liwu River which has cut deep into the mountains of solid marble. A road carved into sheer walls of rock rewinding its way past forested peaks and cliffs towering thousands of feet above it, while hundreds of feet below a river roar past gigantic marble boulders. Passing by Tunnel of Nine Turns, Ci Mu Bridge, stops will be made at Swallow Grotto, and Changchun Temple (Eternal Spring Shrine). We will then drive back to Taipei with a stop at Cingshui Cliff to arrive at around 6 PM.

We suggest extending your stay to Yang Ming Shan or add in a visit to the North Coast.

Distance and journey time: 169 km, approx 3.30 hrs

Do you like to be part of an organised tour? Then this round island trip coach tour is for you. You can extend days at the beginning and the end of the tour. Please get in touch with us to discuss. We are ready to help.


Hualien: Gateway to Taroko

Taroko National Park is set among spectacular mountain scenery, foaming rivers, winding marble canyons.

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Kaohsiung Fo Guang Shan Buddhist monastery

In the shade of Monkey Mountain (Shoushan), the old city of Zuoying nestles in a bend of the Love River.

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Kenting National Park: lakes, dunes, beaches and coral reefs

Kenting National Park is an extraordinary microcosm of Taiwan’s natural riches.

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Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan’s mountainous centre

The southern section of Lalu Island is shaped like a new moon, giving the lake that contains it, Sun Moon Lake, its name.

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Taipei glittering 21st Century skyline

Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, is as varied as the island named by the Portuguese as Formosa, meaning ‘beautifully formed’.

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Taitung and the East Coast

Located on the delta of the Beinan River, at the southern tip of Taiwan’s rift valley, Taitung County’s natural beauty justifies the name local people have bestowed upon it through generations, ‘The Garden of Taiwan.’

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Hualien, Deluxe Class
Silks Place Taroko

Located amid stunning mountain scenery, the property, combining modern Chinese and traditional Taroko architecture, is set within the Taroko National Park.

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Hualien, Speciality Lodging
Leader Village Taroko

Located on the Bruwan Plateau in the Taroko National Park, the traditional home of the indigenous Taroko people, the hotel is set idyllically among stunning mountain scenery.

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Kaohsiung, Deluxe Class,
Grand Hi-Lai Hotel

Located in the bustling Central Business District, at 186 metres high the hotel, designed in a neo-Classical style, commands panoramic views across the city.

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Kaohsiung, Superior Class,
Howard Plaza Hotel Kaohsiung

Located in the heart of the Central Business District, and conveniently placed for road and rail links, the hotel is also a pleasant walk from the celebrated Liuho Night Market.

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Sun Moon Lake, Deluxe Class
The Lalu

Constructed in 1923 on the orders of Crown Prince Hirohito of Japan, on the shores of the lake, and later used by President Chiang Kai-Shek to entertain foreign dignitaries, the property today is a fabulous and historically important resort hotel.

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Sun Moon Lake, Standard Class
Hotel Del Lago

Located on the shores of Sun Moon Lake, a minute’s stroll from Shueishe Wharf, the hotel’s architecture is a delightful fusion of western minimalism, serenely in concord with its pristine environment, and authentic aboriginal detailing.

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Taipei, Deluxe Class,
Landis Taipei Hotel

Located at the heart of Taipei’s Central Business District, the hotel is conveniently positioned for airport, MRT and road links. It is also an easy walk to many of the capital’s attractions, including Xinsheng Park, Xingtian Temple, and the Taipei Fine Arts Museum.

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Taipei, Deluxe Class,
Palais de Chine Hotel

Located in the heart of old Taipei, the 5 Star property is a happy fusion of eastern elegance and western chic, with stunning views across Taipei West.

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Taipei, Superior Class,
Hotel Quote Taipei

Located at the heart of Taipei City, a short walk from the MRT and Taipei Arena, and a 6 minute drive only to the airport, the hotel’s contemporary wood and metal architecture is a fusion of traditional Taiwan architecture, with the Modern.

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Taitung, Superior Class
Hotel Royal Chihpen

Located at Taitung’s celebrated Chihpen Hot Springs, the property is set idyllically among the lush green landscape of the National Forest.

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