Beach and Spa

If a secluded, desert island beach of pristine white sand beneath a swaying palm lives in the popular imagination as the most idyllic of escapes from the daily pressures of life, then being cossetted in a world-class spa is surely paradise. So whether your idea of heaven is to snorkel in the company of magical marine life on a Malaysian coral reef, experience the thrilling water-sports and vibrant nightlife of a Thai island resort, or relax in the sun as an Indian masseuse revives and revitalises you with a health-giving Ayurvedic treatment, it is our pleasure to show you the way.
Everything we do is tailor-made for you. The examples here are intended to inspire and guide, and can be added to the end of a full itinerary as a period of relaxation, or a dream holiday in its own right. Adapt or combine our ideas with your own, and together we will create for you a beach and spa experience of a lifetime