Where to go in March

March is the ideal month to explore the Himalayan wonderland that is Bhutan, interact with China’s minority tribes amid stunningly sculpted emerald green tea terraces, or experience in their natural environment the orangutan of Borneo. India offers the majestic tigers of Ranthambore in the north or an idyllic cruise on the backwaters of Kerala in the south. March also heralds the start of the Hanami cherry blossom festival in Japan. Combine your visit with these events.

Festivals and Events in March

Japan - Cherry Blossom season. Celebrated throughout Japan, this is a social time for families and friends to meet together to admire the blooms.

Bali - Nyepi Day marking the Balinese New Year. Visitors are expected to remain in the hotels and observe this day of silence.

India - Holi Festival is celebrated throughout India with parades, dance and music.         

Bhutan - Paro Tsechu Festival